Why is writing about yourself so challenging?

I’m pretty much an open book, so it’s not modesty or worrying about being boastful. It’s just an awkward thing to do.  

This page could have been one long resume. However, listing my alma mater and all of the different jobs I’ve held doesn’t quite capture who I am.  So, instead, I am going to use this space to tell you a little bit about myself. .

So here it goes:

I like to “Go ugly early!”

I heard that a few years ago and thought, that is SO me! I tend to blurt out things. If it’s in my head, there’s a large chance it will come out my mouth. I have mastered a more of a filter with age, but the advice of my mom is still relevant: “Think before you speak.” Well, I’m 40 and I still struggle with that. However, it’s not always a bad thing. Actually, sometimes, it can be beautiful a beautiful thing.  When I have an idea, I will run with it and jump into a challenge. So, not having a filter or doubt can be useful during my creative process.  

I’m a pretty awesome mom. Dang! I just said this bio should be more humbly written, but it’s true. My kids tell me and so does my hubby. I had a great mom, and I’d say, I’m following nicely in her footsteps. I still lose my cool and scream like a banshee at my two kids, but I genuinely love being with them and being their mom. I have a great partner-in-crime to travel along on this journey of parenting, we play good cop-bad cop quite well. Like marriage, parenting is something I work on daily. I don’t always get it right, but seeing my kids be kind, loving, and unique makes me feel like I deserve an A. Well, maybe a B+.

I’m a runner. Holy smokes! I am a runner! It took forever to believe it and to say it out loud.  I thought I had to run a marathon, run every day, or run fast. I thought I had to have a resume with medals as long as my arm to be able to call myself a runner. None of that matters. Nope. It doesn’t matter how fast, slow, how long you run, or how often. Once you believe you are, you are. I’m a runner. Also, it feels sort of badass to be a runner. I’ve also become a bit of a gym junkie. From the cool clothes and keeping up with the latest exercises, it’s something I love. Now, I’m taking my love for fitness and hoping to spread that love unto others.

I’m also a photographer. I love telling stories. Instead of using words, I use my camera.. It started in college and continued during a decade of working as a newspaper photographer. Today, I use my passion of storytelling to create a wonderful experience for my clients’..

So, that’s a bit about me. It’s better than a resume, right?


If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it-then I can achieve it.” -Muhammed Ali




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